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Fearsome Phantom F-4 Phantom

Aurora Art Company

Fearsome Phantom F-4 Phantom

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In 1972, Captain Ritchie shot down 5 Mig 21s to become the only USAF pilot ace of the Vietnam War. The F4 Phantom could reach speeds faster than Mach 2 and carry over 9 tons of missiles, bombs and nuclear weapons. Her Career spanned more than 30 years from her first flight off the USS Independence in 1960 to her final combat role in the Gulf War.


Sizing info:
8"x10" - No Border
11"x14" - 9"x12" art size with 1" black border
16" x 20” - 14" x 18" art size with 1" black border
20”x24" - 16" x 20" art size with 2" black border